To create your own online presence from¬†Easy First Websites is about as effortless as it can be – because we’ve designed it that way!

Choose your design

Keep in mind when looking through our designs that the industry depicted is purely an example and the design can be used for anything.

You have the opportunity to not just use your own text and images, but can change the colour scheme and the font which is used also.

Our software uses Google fonts, so you can easily pick ones which match your branding.

Click on the button below to see how many Google Fonts you have to choose from.
Also there is a button which will take you to a page where you can view colour codes suitable for websites.

The Creation

Once we recieve your order we will send you an email detailing instructions for your next steps.
This will consist of some PDF files showing the pages you have chosen in your design along with how to send us your content.

The PDF file of each page has numbers on each element of content that you will need to change – like on the example to the right.
Simply create a text document and list out each area of text with the corresponding number. Simply repeat this for all the numbered text areas.

For the images, the process is much the same, but in this case simply change the file name of the image with your name and it’s corresponding number.
For example: John Smith – 07

In the email that you will receive from us will also be a link to our online Dropbox account, which you can upload your text files and images into. Don’t worry, you do not need a Dropbox account to do this.


Things to bear in mind

It is important to take note of the orientation of each image in the design. If the image is shown to be portrait, please send a portrait image and not a landscape one. This will obviously keep the design in check.

Please ensure that your images are of a high resolution. This is especially important for images that span the entire width of the page. You don’t want to have fuzzy, blurred or pixelated images when your website is shown on larger monitors or Retna displays.

We are assuming that you have all the correct copyright for all images used.
If you are unsure and you need to source images, there are many royalty free image websites you can download from.

Unsplash is very good and you do not need to sign up to an account to use them.


Going Live

Once we have completed your website creation, you shall be given the opportunity to view and send us any changes that you require.

After this, we shall place your new website onto your hosting account and if you have chosen our Premium Hosting, will then send you your login details.

When all work is completed you shall recieve a final email from us with instructions on how to use your new website. This will include how to change your content, add different modules (there are 32 different ones built in, such as adding video, coundown timers, email optins etc) and how to add new pages.